I love Sand….said no mother ever!

Sand has become my new nemesis. Yep it is official I have formed a love, hate relationship with the stuff.

My two year old adores the stuff. So much in fact that I think he gets pure joy at leaving little sand surprises all over the place. I find sand in toys, shoes, cups, plates, sofa cushions, toy boxes, beds and nappies, that’s only the stuff inside! 

I was always a big believer in outdoor play, my children had to have a Cubby house, a swing set, a trampoline and the dreaded sand box…..what was I thinking?

The sand box has become my least favourite of those items and I’m seriously considering removing it all together. Us mothers already have enough cleaning to contend with and adding little blobs of sand to the equation makes our jobs ten times harder. 

I am forever eradicating this demon from my home. I like to walk around my home without the feeling of crunchiness on my feet. I love nothing more than a smooth surface to glide upon. I do not like that I constantly need to sweep/vacuum my floors umpteen times during the day…after all I need that precious time to actually play with my toddler. 

Even though I am not partial to sand around my home, I can however see the benefits of it’s being in play time. Sand is a great sensory object. It can be used in its many of forms to create great hand and eye coordination and gross fine motor skills. Kids love sand, it can keep them busy for hours and hours and the best part is that it is a cheap and natural resource. 

Apparently, according to my toddler it is also tasty. I’m not 100% convinced that it has any nutritional benefits, but hey who am I to stop a two year old from gobbling it up in his play time.

I have come to the conclusion that sand and I will never be best friends, this is one of those play time items that I will just have to learn to deal with…..Question is, how do I keep this little bugger from entering my home? Any ideas?

Until I have found a successfully proven method I will continue to complain lol

Until next time, you will NOT find me in the sand box


PS – Did you know if you add cinnamon to the sand put the cats will not poop in it? 

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I need a housework fairy

Another day, Another dollar, but in the world of mothering the saying is Another day, Another lot of housework to do.

I don’t know about you, but each day seems to consist of countless amounts of vacuuming, cleaning up spills, washing and meal preparing.

It is a never ending cycle. The only time my house looks remotely clean is at bedtime. The little grubs are nicely tucked in and I am running around the house getting it prepared for the imaginary show home viewing the next day.

Nothing satisfies me more than going to bed knowing I will awaken to a clean house.
However no sooner have I awoken and my house looks like a World War Two bomb has exploded not even 20 minutes into the day.

I have conceded this will always be a daily occurrence until my children leave the nest.

If anyone can lend me their housework fairy or at least point me in the direction of one, I would be ever so grateful.

Uh oh, looks like I need to go and clean up some more spilt juice…..

Until next time ,
Irene , Grubs to Grown Ups


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From Baby to Little Grub

I have been given a huge reality check.
My little bundle of snuggles, coos and la las has all grown up.
After celebrating our little mans 2nd birthday I have realised that my baby no longer exists.
It makes me sad. I never really noticed it until today when he woke up full of words, phrases and a seemingly grown up persona.
He now gets his own shoes, his socks, tells me when he has done a number 2 in his nappy, and is ever so demanding about his likes and dislikes. He has turned into a Little Boy!
A little boy who is ever so independent . The word NO is fluent as is “it’s mine”. Everything has to be negotiated, and most of the time he wins.
I am excited to see him develop emotionally, physically and cognitively. But a pain deep down inside of me wants my baby back. The late night cuddles, the looks of endearment when I kiss him, the smiles after a satisfying feed.
I now have to emotionally prepare myself for a different little man, however my selfish mummy side doesn’t want that to happen yet.
I know I don’t have any choice, so I will endeavour to go with flow, and try to enjoy this journey from grub to grown up.
Let the journey begin! All whilst I’m harbouring a deep resentment that my baby grew up way too fast!

Irene x

The Luxury of Baby Wearing

I recently became acquainted with the art of Baby Wearing.
As a stay at home mum with my own business, the simple things in life are what I look forward to.

I cannot recommend this enough to any new mother or parent. The amount of time saved in travel, the amount of stuff you don’t have to lug around and the amount of baby weight that falls off your body is amazing!

I don’t need a gym membership, I don’t need a two tonne pram, and if I want to do a mad dash to the shops I don’t need to push 20 kilos of toddler and 5 kilos if pram up a hill, now it’s just me, my Tula carrier and my Bubs.

My first few times carrying Master Harvey was so very painful! My legs ached to the point they felt they were burning! My back was killing me! My body was using muscles it had never used! But I persevered and now I have no pain and have lost 5kg, and have a tonne of energy, you couldn’t ask for a better work out!!.

Master Harvey is just as excited as me about being carried. He does a happy dance when the carrier is put on the chair and now jumps on my back like an eager monkey waiting to be taken for a walk. The bonding experience is indescribable, we get up close with nature, grab trees on the way, wave to people, smell flowers and I get back cuddles. He wraps his arms around me and points out trucks, cars, dogs etc, he even sometimes casually has a nap .

We can now carry comfortably for up to 3 hours without either one of us fussing. It has become a daily necessity for both of us, I even carry him while I’m in the kitchen cooking, hanging washing and doing the school run.

If you want the simple life without the truck loads of baby paraphernalia, but complete with the pleasure of being close to your baby and being practical and fit, than baby wearing is for you!!!

Don’t hesitate give it a go, you will not regret it!
To the lovely friend that introduced me and gave me support and help, thank you, you are a godsend and so is baby wearing.

Irene x

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Ground Hog Day ~ With a smile

It’s 6:30am and I am awake…..well sort of. I will be after my first cup of tea.

My day always starts the same….always

I am woken by the sound of a happy 20 month year old, singing out “Hi Guys” from his bed. He gets louder each time he sings, eagerly awaiting a response from either myself or his Daddy.
I can think of no better way to be awoken from my slumber. His smile when you finally pop your head over the door is to die for. He grabs his bear his dummy and begins his journey down the hallway.

Then the fun begins!

Whilst making my cuppa, I am mentally going over the morning routine… Wake the 11 year old, find school clothes, Wake the 15yr old, be met with hands waving in ninja style “Go away”, “Is it morning time already?”, “Get out, I need more sleep”, “Do I have to go today?”
Welcome Ground Hog Day.

I physically have to remind myself that service with a smile is how I am going to get through the gruelling morning routine.

My 11 year old is no hassle whatsoever he gets dressed, eats breakfast, brushes teeth and hair and is generally happy about his upcoming day at school.

My 20 month old is already asking for The Wiggles to be put on TV and is banging on the fridge for his morning milk.

However I need to “gently” wake the 15yr old 3 to 4 times before she will even manage a movement from under the covers.

My frustration reaches boiling point, but I am the nice in control and patient Mum who does all of this with a smile on her dial.

How you ask?

I don’t know how, all I know is if I get through those 40 minutes of demands, abuse, hugs, kisses and goodbyes out the door, relatively un scaved I am doing well.
I like to think of it as organised chaos.

The funny thing is, I wouldn’t have it any other way,
Ground Hog day ~ With a Smile :-)

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